The Perfect Weekend

Looks like:
Davis checking out his new nap mat. Just realized I was the only deadbeat mom at school that hadn't gotten her son a nap mat.

So I ordered one on etsy only to find out today that I got the super deluxe version (apparently) and it's quite an arrangement compared to the other kids in his class. Oops.

Lots of slobber, lots of cleavage.

Lots of crawling.

Boys BBQ'ing while I got my nails done and Holden took a good, long nap.

I can't get over our yard. Remember the "before" pictures? It's like heaven. Especially with this weather.

Where's Davis? What's he doing over there?

Just eating Lucky Charms.
Want one?

Lining them up on the fence.

As you can see, he eats all the charms out and leaves the rest.

This Green Egg has already paid for itself. It's amazing. Our house smells like an awesome BBQ joint like 24/7.

The fruits of their labor. RIBS.
And the perfect weekend sounds like:
"What are you doin, dad?" (Davis asks Bennett this 24/7)
Davis: "I want to get a star..."
Bennett: "For doing what?"
Davis: "For doing nothing..."
"I need to check my bladder."
Davis: "You sad mom?" (I was sitting quietly, watching him...)
Me: "Nope, I'm okay."
Davis: "You need anyfing, mom?"
"It's not nah-night, mom."
"I need some charms..."

"STOP BARFING AT MY FAMILY!" (Yelling at the little poodle on the other side of the fence, all while shaking his pointer finger)

"I don't want to wear a button shirt..." (Davis' response to Bennett and I beginning to try to explain Corky and B's upcoming wedding, how fun it's going to be, etc. I mentioned NOTHING about kid).