September has always been one of my very favorite months of the year. In the midwest, it's the month when the leaves begin to change, the breeze begins to feel brisk and smell like outdoor activities, and you get to pull out your cozy blankets and sweatshirts. I realize that none of that happens in Texas in September, but I still love September.

In Texas, it's more about football season beginning, which has come to have a very special feeling for me. Our group of friends get together almost every Saturday to watch the game, smoke meat, and
(for us gals) talk through the game with a glass of wine and the newest gossip or fashion magazine. Of course I start thinking about sweaters and crock pot recipes, even though I know I have a while...but all in all, it's a great month.

So this Saturday, because I was feeling festive, because it was the first UT football game, and because my favorite person is born in September (Bennett), we went on an early and special outing to give said person, his birthday gift early. Drum roll, please:

The Big Green Egg. Apparently this thing is all the rage for meat lovers, grillers and cooks. It smokes, it grills, it makes pizzas. It's amazing, so they say. Davis is/was SO EXCITED...which made me SO HAPPY. He and Davis spent a lot of the weekend putting it together, setting up his grilling area, etc. Last night he grilled steaks and corn and they were so tasty, so really it's a gift that keeps on giving. I don't know why I gave it to him three weeks early, other than that I was excited about it.

Aside from grilling, we had a pretty busy weekend. We went to SA friday night to see Davis' family, Saturday we went and played with Carrie, Porter and my best blog friend, Meagan, who was in town with her little boy, Sawyer. Those three were crazy together. Sunday we went to church, went to Nikki's for a BBQ, and then yesterday we played, went to the mall, worked in the yard, and grilled. Not a bad weekend at all.

Unrelated, but recent, here are some pictures:

Holden and Gampa.

Davis, just hanging around shirtless, at school. ???