Oh Canada...

I'm planning a trip to Canada. In my mind we're going this spring, and we'll either visit Montreal and Quebec City or Vancouver and Banff. And it's going to be amazing. If we go to Montreal and Quebec City, we'll walk the cobblestone streets, eat french food, and just laze about. If we go to Vancouver, we'll take the gondola through the mountains and also visit the kids amusement park there. Either way- it's going to be blissful.

We have been talking about going to Ethiopia with our church this spring- however- it's a 10 day trip and that might be a bit much with a 1 and 3 year old. Honey quickly said "How will you do that?" and since she said that, I've been thinking "How DO people do that?" We're not giving up on it- maybe we'll go in 2013- maybe we'll delay it. Who knows. But, to overcome the disappointment of possibly not going to Africa, I'm planning said trip to Canada.

It's going to be amazing.
Us in Canada:

This is literally how I play things out in my mind. Idea, visual, result. Sometimes I truly believe that my imagination is better than the real thing- which can be a good or bad thing. 
Grand Canyon? Haven't really gone out of my way to go- feel like I can probably picture it as good or better than it is. Croquet club? Made it up so great in my mind that nothing real ever could compare.
Anyway- that's neither here nor there. Hope you're having a great Tuesday. Let me know if you have any recos on Canada.
P.S. Drove through Starbucks with Davis this morning on the way to school. He wanted "choc-what milk" and I said "We're not getting chocolate milk- you never drink it..." We pulled up to the speaker and he said "I'll tell her..." and loudly said "I wike some choc-what milk pease!" STINKER.