My Favorite Part...

We had a great rainy weather weekend. Such a nice change from the heat...and a great weekend to lay low and rest as we all have had a bug. We did have to rally some energy on Saturday night for B & Courtney's couples shower, and then again on Sunday afternoon for a kid's birthday party. After attending said birthday party- I feel even more strongly that booze should be provided at all kids birthday parties- for the adults. We went to Austin Children's Museum and because of all the rain, it was a MAD.HOUSE.

Davis' favorite part of the weekend, though, was going to Mikki's house on Sunday morning. When I got there, I asked him what his favorite part of playing at Mikki's house was...he thought, and then pointed to Nikki and said, very seriously "This part." Smart kid.

Here are some pictures of Mikki coaching Davis in leading the Bennett family band. Also, Davis requested to take a bath in her giant tub. Thank you Mikki!

Nikki said he would work so hard to get the strap just right. That is the strap our dad would wear every time he played the guitar- which was a lot. I learned to play the guitar on my dad's guitar. I like that about myself. It's probably one of the only things I can really connect it makes me happy to see Davis using some of his things as well.

Don't worry- that's not him peeing...
that's the water going in the tub. ;-)