Little Miss Thing Goes Mobile

Holden is crawling! It's still an army crawl, but she does the classic, and adorable thing where she gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. On one hand, she is so happy that she can get around on the floor, but on the other, she gets very frustrated that she can't move as quickly or as easily as she would like...yet. Davis is starting to get a taste of her being up in his business...he's generally pretty good about it, but he has his moments.

Speaking of- he's been a real pill the past few days. It's like his only voice is a whiny, screaming, crying one. Also- he's been pushing our buttons with getting out of bed...but ooh, Bennett and I solved that problem the other night after about the 5th time of him getting up and walking down the hall with a sly look on his face. I looked at Bennett and I said "Next time he gets up...we go get his baby bed out of the garage and bring it in his room."

10 minutes later, he sneaks into the hall. And I just look at Bennett and say "Alright, lets go get Davis' baby bed. He isn't ready for a big boy bed..." And we just start marching down the hall. All business. I have never seen such panic or hysteria from him. It was like you could see his thoughts: "Oh crap. I've really done it this time. How do I undo this?"

He jumped in his bed, got under his covers, all the while screaming "I Need my Big Boy Bed. I Want my Big Boy Bed." We carried in the mattress, we brought in the rails, and his eyes were as big as saucers. Finally we said "Okay Davis. You can stay in your big boy bed but we're leaving this baby bed in here and if you get up again- we're putting it together and taking your big boy bed out."

Didn't see him again that night. Bennett and I giggled to ourselves in the other room. It's so funny being a parent.

Anyway, here are some phone pics of Miss Thing, Going Mobile!