Honey is My Honey

I was explaining (again) to Davis yesterday that Honey is my mommy. He thought about that for a minute, looked at me, and said very seriously and definitively: "Honey is my Honey." Well there you go.

This morning at drop off, one of his teachers told me that he is very into the potty at school, and he (the teacher) thinks he'll be one of the first to be out of diapers. I'm both excited and terrified about this. I guess this weekend we'll let him wear underwear so he can understand what happens when he pees in them. I think we'll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom as he is constantly needing to "check his bladder" these days. Also, Davis caused a poop-a-palooza at school Monday. They said they pretty much had to bathe him and the entire bathroom. Oops.

Also this morning, Bennett put pasta salad in Davis' lunch. He was kidding, right? Davis and I thought so. He said "Davis- I'm going to put pasta salad in your lunch..." and immediately Davis began to groan "I don't want patsa salad. I don't wike patsa salad." So I can bet you that that patsa salad is now residing in the garbage can at school. In fact, I give you a garbage can guarantee on that one.

Davis also says this to me a lot "Mommy say 'I spy a red mikki car'" or something of the sort so right when I say it he can say "I SEE IT! I'm the WINNER!!!" Setting himself up for success.

And oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot to mention that on Monday night I asked Bennett to coach me in a workout again (yes, I'm clearly crazy) and Davis was still awake. He was SO excited to exercise with me. We went out in the street in front of our house and in front of all my neighbors, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and everyone else, I did everything from sit ups and push ups with weights to pulling a tire while running up and down the street. And I think it was Davis' favorite part of this week. The JOY on his face is not even describable.

He thought it was so fun and so funny. He would do everything I did- but couldn't really understand on the sprints that he didn't need to hug/tackle me at each stop. His face was covered in a giant smile, his voice erupting in laughter, while his hair flopped with each step. It was priceless.

About halfway through he started to say "I'm tired. I need some choc-what milk..." but we finished nonetheless. I am thinking this is a great new way to get more workouts in when Bennett is home and while Davis is still awake. I bet we were a sight to see.

If you're wondering how the workouts worked out between Bennett and I, all in all, it was a pretty good experience. I did, at one point, have to remind him that "I volunteered for this. Just remember that." He gets a little carried away with the whistle and stop watch from time to time...but really he's a great trainer and as long as things go well, I'll continue to take advantage of it and work out with him and Ahmad. Speaking of Ahmad, I had to miss last week because I hurt my back. I go back tomorrow and Saturday...and I feel like I'm really getting stronger and tighter...but I'm not seeing too much progress in the weight department.

Going to keep trucking. Has to work eventually, right? I just want to feel good about myself. I don't even really care about a number...just need to be strong and healthy. Adios for now.