Holden Has Something to Say

Holden has been a very quiet baby. Doesn't cry much, doesn't coo or shriek much, and won't giggle unless you pull out every stop you can think of, and even then it's a battle...but this weekend, she decided she has something to say.

bah bah bah bah bahp bahp bahp bah bah bah bah bah...and

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmma mmmaaaaa.

It was like she went to bed Friday night and woke up Saturday morning with something to say. And the way she pouts her mouth and fills her little cheeks with air as she talks is SO cute. Everything she does is so cute. We feel like she is a little angel.

She is also crawling all over the place- and cleaning my floors at the same time. She "crawls" a lot like Davis did. Belly crawls, one leg just hanging out, while the other one pushes her around- doing all the work. She can get up on her knees and she rocks back and forth- but I don't know if she'll ever do the full crawl- or just army crawl till she walks. She now can get from belly to a sitting up position though- so that has made her very happy.

Also, mark yesterday in history, because it was the first time EVER that Davis has kicked me out of bed for his dad. He's having a little daddy love these days. Yesterday he said "daddy" was his best friend and last night while we were snuggling- he looked at me and said "I want daddy come way with me..."

He is making great headway on potty training. We're almost there. He "checks his bladder" about 100 times a day- so it requires great patience- but it will be nice when he is in undies.

Worked out with Bennett and Davis last night. Davis LOVES it when "we" exercise at home. It cracks me up. I am SORE today.

This is going to be a very busy week. I'm headed to Chicago Wednesday for work, back sometime Thursday, and then this weekend I have Courtney's bachelorette, and then next weekend is the wedding. Getting very excited!