Three Stars

We started a new system at our house about a week ago...right around the time Davis got his big boy bed. As mentioned, he is fine at night, but has no intention of staying in bed and napping during nap time. And since we don't spank, and there are only so many things you can say to threaten the bejeezus out of him, we realized we needed some sort of reward system.

Enter the stars.

We got this little white board that is really a chore chart, but has little boxes for each day of the week and all these cute magnetic stars, and we put it on the fridge. We started telling Davis that each time he did something extra nice or that we asked, he would get a star. And once he got enough stars, he could pick out a toy at Target. (This system is also meant to combat the issue of him thinking that of course you get a new toy each time you go to Target. That's what Target is for...)

Anyway, sort of hard to explain to a two year old...but we've been trying it. And so far he has three stars. I haven't really been sure how much he understands, but he is so excited each time he gets a star. Though not everything is worth a star to him- including- napping, washing his hair, etc.

Well, the other night we were lying in his bed and he looked at me and said "I want to go to Target and pick out a toy..." I just looked at him. He paused and then said "I need more stars."

Ha. :)