San Antonio

Davis has been out of town since Thursday at a very extended bachelor I decided to pack up the kids and head to San Antonio on Friday to see Kirsten and Andy since Chad was out of town seeing some friends.

We almost didn't go. The night before, Pico was missing, so Davis and I drove all around the neighborhood for hours looking for our little lost dog while my mom stayed with Holden. We drove and shouted PICO and drove and shouted some more. Davis was such a trooper the first hour or so...he would yell with me and repeat everything I said. Then finally he said he wanted to go home, and I said "We can't go home, we need to find Pico..." and he said "I don't want to find Pico anymore."

Anyway, long story short, my kind neighbor found Pico, took him in, and then put out FOUND signs. Thank goodness. Pico is such a good dog. I was so sad.

So suffice it to say that Thursday was a long night and Friday a rough day, and I almost called an audible and decided to stay home. Taking two kids and trying to get them to sleep there seemed exhausting. But, as I was feeling down, I knew that no one would put me in a better mood than Kirsten Rockwood we made the trip.

And I am SO glad we did. We had so much fun. Sounds dorky, but it was really special. It was the first time that Davis and Andy really played together. And oh man, did they play. They were best little buds, straight away. And Andy would do whatever Davis did, and they would trade toys, and just had a blast together. Andy has grown up so much. His red hair is now strawberry blonde, he's tall and lean, and his vocabulary has expanded ten-fold. And Davis was such a little gem, sharing with Andy, even when he wanted that certain toy.

We played Friday afternoon, then went to have pizza at a kid-friendly New York style pizzeria, then went for ice cream. Friday night was an adventure. It was hard to get Holden to sleep in a new place, in a pack n play, and because she was overly tired from being up a little late. When she finally fell asleep, it was time to get Davis and Andy to sleep.

Kirsten and I have joked since about how casual we were about them sharing a bedroom when we just knew there was no way it would work...but it did! Okay, so maybe Davis stayed up until 10 p.m. with Kirsten and I, but he finally went quietly to bed. When we woke up, Andy was standing next to Davis' pack n play, and they were handing each other toys.

That morning we took the Brackenridge park train over to the Witte museum. Of course Davis and Andy loved the train, and they had even more fun at the museum. I let Davis pick out a toy at the gift shop, and out of all the options, he chose two dinosaur erasers for himself, and two for Andy. Kids are so sweet. We played all around the museum and the boys just had a blast. Sweet Holden was unbelievable, per the usual, and Kirsten and I laughed as hard as we always do together.

When it came time to leave San Antonio, Davis was so sad. The whole way home he said things like:
"I want to go back to Kirsten and Andy's house..."
"I want to play so nice with Andy..."
"I want to try again next week to play with Andy..."

Best buds. So sweet.