My Small People

Thank God for pics are all I've been able to swing lately. Enjoy!

My constantly happy girl. Her smile makes me feel like one million bucks.

Porter and Davis while we were having BBQ. God Bless Texas!

Before work yesterday...she loves that jungle. Does her hair look a little red to you?

I love that I asked him to take a picture with Holden and he reached over and held her hand. He adores her. She has a great big brother.

"I don't know about this. I'm having fun messing with all this paper, but I feel like something bad is coming my way..."

Why would anyone want to give me a shot?

I'm just too sweet.

Davis enjoying breakfast mints at Chez Zee.

Holden enjoying her rings at Chez Zee.
To each his/her own.

Bennett and his naked baby girl before her bath. How proud is he?