My Birthday's Saggin!

Okay, try to follow me here...

a) Since Ella and Gavin's birthdays, Davis has been very focused on, and excited about, his upcoming birthday. He had a hard time understanding why we would buy presents that are not for him, until we explained that when his birthday comes, he is the one that is celebrated and gets to open presents. So it's been on his mind a lot lately.

b) Last week my mom was in town and told Davis "I brought you a present, Davis!" He so sweetly and sincerely looked at Bennett and said "It's my birthday, daddy!" We thought it was really cute and really funny because the truth is, Honey brings him presents all the time and he has never said that before. Anyway...she brought the road rug in and he was just over the moon. He kept saying "It's my birthday!" and "It's my party." We laughed all night about it.

c) So the night when he first got the rug and was talking all about how it was his birthday, his pants were also sagging quite a bit. And I would say "Davis, come here, your pants are sagging!" So he sort of picked that up that night. He would say "My pants are saggin!"

d) Anyway- Davis loves that road and we play on it every night...and his only frustration with it is when it bunches up and gets lumpy...he gets so frustrated and says "It's saggin! It's saggin, mommy!"

Alright, so here is where we get the title.

The road rug is his birthday.
When it gets bunched up, it's saggin.

So last night, over and over, he would look at me, so frustrated, and say "My birthday is saggin!"

And he knows what a birthday is. And he knows what it means to have sagging pants. So I just love that even knowing that- this is how he has pieced together that whole situation. My birthday's saggin!

It's amazing watching a kid think.