Love / Hate

A good way to categorize the past few days. And I know, HATE is a really strong word. I don't necessarily mean it, but you get the idea. Plus "Love / Annoyed By" is not so good for a title.

Love: spending the day in Fred with my mom, my grandparents, Davis and Holden.

Love: that as I was telling my grandpa how I bet Davis would be stripped down naked any minute, he was actually stripping down naked in the backyard. i mean, who waters the plants in their clothes?

Hate: that Davis is putting up SUCH a fight each night at bedtime. it's an hour long ordeal AFTER getting him in bed.

Love: that Bennett has been here since Wednesday and we got to go see a movie, go on a date night to Nikki's housewarming party and then a great new (hidden) wine bar in downtown Austin.

Hate: that i've started to dread mondays because i know for the foreseeable future he will be gone so much.

Love: that my friend Oscar and his wife had their baby, Wyatt!

Hate: that Holden isn't turning out to be much of a napper.

Love: that we have a new sprinkler system and will have sod and flower beds in the next couple weeks! seriously love this one.

Hate: that i haven't taken any pictures lately!

Love: that we met Zach, Porter, Mary Mae and our friends Courtney and Erik at the YMCA pool Saturday afternoon at 4:15.

Hate: that we had to get out at 4:30 because somebody POOPED in the pool. eww.

Love: that Holden's eyes are still such a beautiful blue and it looks like she will have brown hair.

Hate: that she continues to have a little rash on her neck from drool and spit. I swear i keep it clean, and i'm starting to wonder if i'm just exascerbating it.

Love: that Davis is so smart and clever.

Hate: that he is having a REALLY hard time listening and not defying EVERYTHING i ask him to do or not do. it's exhausting and lately, i am finding it hard to keep my cool. please let this be a short phase.

Love: that we went out to dinner tonight at Mandola's. We usually don't do that on a Sunday night and it was really nice. Their Ensalad Mista is so good. And holy cow- Davis ate about 5 small slices of pizza.

Love: that we're all healthy and happy and summer is nearing an end. starting to get excited for fall!

Oh, one more love. LOVE that i got all the photos from Carrie of the photo shoot we did a while back. SO many good ones. Espesh of Holden. Yay. Love.