So yesterday I was going to write a post titled "Temperamental" because Davis has been just that lately. On Tuesday, as we were driving home, I said "Oh, oops! We forgot your backpack at school." Now, he doesn't take a backpack every day. Just on Tuesdays because it's splash day...so it's not like he really uses or needs his backpack. The second I mentioned forgetting his backpack, it was like his world caved in. "I NEED my back pack! I need it." Tears. Shouting. Frowning. The Works.

And yesterday, I asked him if he wanted to wear his "Wympics" (Olympics) shirt to school...he said no, and then cried about not having his wympics shirt all the way to school. Geez.

Well, yesterday, I got a call in the afternoon from Child's Day because Davis had a fever. I'm guessing/hoping that that is why he was so temperamental. He was so sad and looked so rough last night- we just sat on the couch and watch "Chuck"- his new fav show- while building with Tinker Toys. This morning, he woke up so happy. Still had a fever, but when I asked him how he felt he said "Good. I feel sick on the couch yesterday." Then I told him he was going to get to stay home with Honey today and I said "Are you going to be good for Honey?" He said "Yes I am. I bit Holden's fanger last week with Honey...I not do it again."

And this is true. Probably the one time he's really gotten in trouble with Honey was a few weeks ago when he BIT Holden's finger so hard she screamed and cried and then he screamed and cried and fell on the ground because he was so sad about it. He knew it was wrong and he knew Honey was M.A.D. That's the first time he has brought it up to me, though.

Okay so last night, Davis and I were BELLY LAUGHING over this song we made up while rocking. Bennett was changing his diaper and we started singing "I see your bootie" to the tune of La Cucaracha. Yes, I know, it's ridiculous... Anyway, as we rocked, the song evolved to things like:
I smell your bootie
I smell your bootie
And your bootie is so stinky

Your bootie tootie
Your bootie tootie
EWW! Your bootie is so stinky

Yes, I know, also...gross. But, let me tell you, when you are getting bend-over-laughing-so-hard-you-can't-breathe laughter from a sick little guy...booties, tooties and everything else in between, becomes fair game.

Sweet Holden kept her daddy busy last night...eating so much, then peeing through her diaper, clothes and sheets...but this morning she woke up happy as a clam as always. She is really going to town with her jungle exersaucer thing lately. She grabs those little animals like she's their boss. Davis will stand and watch and say "Holden So Funny, Mommy..."

That's all I got today. My throat is killing me and I have about 11 meetings at work. Adios.