Day 2

Davis did great...but I sort of felt weird at drop off this morning. Let me first just say that I realize that my normal is probably other people's I think in acknowledging that, I'm free to also note what I consider weird. Equal opportunity judgement, if you will.

So I walk in to his classroom...and I'm greeted by his lead teacher, Hillary, who is great. And then I chat up the 3rd teacher, Mr. Johnnie, because I was a few minutes late to orientation and didn't hear what his back story was.

First things first, he seems incredibly kind and cool, and like he really enjoys his job. But he's a little awkward. Like, he uses buzz words all the time in conversation, and he kind of looks at you for approval non-stop, so it doesn't feel natural. I'll ask how he is and how the first day was and he'll say something like "You know, I love early childhood development. They're just learning so much...(pause) know, active play? Social learning...and I'm their guide." It's a canned response. Nothing conversational or natural about it. So that made me feel a little weird. Not bad, just weird. I mean some people have weird social skills, but are awesome people, right?

Then this little boy walks in, and he is squawking/roaring like a dinosaur. And I know that seems typical for a 3 year old...but it felt a little odd...especially paired with his mom. She was SO LOUD. And gosh, I wish you could have been there to know what I mean, but let me try to describe.

A few kids and a couple parents are sitting on the floor, talking and playing with various toys when this curvy woman in a very loud print dress and very high heels, busts through opens the door, and with this resounding giant bird-like voice shouts "ADAM! TELL MISS HILLARY WHAT DAY IT IS!!!" And the squawking dinosaur kid (who also looks about two years older than Davis) just keeps making animal noises and she continues to shout "ADAM. I DON'T LIKE THOSE NOISES. ADAM! TELL MISS HILLARY WHAT DAY IT IS!!!" And he is so clearly wanting to just go play, but she won't let up.

This goes on for about five minutes and then the lady declares that it is his 3rd birthday. So the few of us that are there say "happy birthday" and try to sort of get back to what we were doing. But the sound of her ongoing monologue pretty much blocks everything else out.

And for a moment, I sort of zone out, and I hear this bird-like (maybe a cockatoo?) lady, and one crying little boy (this is his first time away from mom) and Johnnie talking about developmental steps and I'm like "where am I?" And then it's time for the lady to leave, and she says "ADAM! I NEED A KISS AND A HUG..." and he is not paying attention, which bothers her as though she was blown off by an adult, so she says "ADAM. I NEED SOME KISSIES AND SOME HUGGIES PLEASE..." And I have to focus on not barfing.

Luckily, Davis was so happy and busy playing with Hudson and some other friends. And luckily I know a few of the parents and kids in the class and I know they're legit...but man, there are some weird people in this world. I hope I end up loving his teachers and his little friends. I think maybe I was spoiled in the Koalas class. Zoinks.