Big Weekend

An overview of things that happened this weekend.

Friday I took Holden to her 6 month well check...even though she is 7 months today. HOLY COW- she is 7 months today. Anyway...everything is great. She is 15.5 pounds, (Davis was almost 19 at six months) 25 inches, will keep her blue eyes, and is in the 25% for size overall. We're starting to feed her baby food more regularly- and she is starting to catch on. They gave me a steroid cream for the moisture rash on her neck, so she is good to go.

Next, Nikki and I set up Davis' big boy bed and re-arranged his room. It was a surprise to him, so that made it really fun. He is so proud of his bed and LOVES that we can lay in it with him. Friday night I laid down with him and he kept giggling and getting so close to me, at one point he said "Let's rub noses..." then later "Just come close. Snuggle me." Pics of his room to come this week. Waiting on his new quilt from Land of Nod.

He also loves the "road" Honey gave him.

We also started re-doing the backyard now that the sprinkler system is in. Bennett didn't do the sprinkler system- BUT- he has done about everything else. In the RECORD. BREAKING. HEAT. I am so thankful. He laid all the sod. He loaded up all the trees, shrubs, stones (huge ones) and has dug and prepped everything. I worked out there for about 20 minutes and almost passed out from the heat. I have blisters on both hands- so I can only imagine how he felt. It was SO hot that we didn't want to take Holden out- so I was inside with both Davis and Holden most of Saturday. Did I mention that Davis laid sod until midnight on Friday night? HERO.

Saturday morning we met Davis' new teacher, Hillary. She is new to Austin and new to the school...and I had a little hesitation about that...when you buy into a certain school and then get all new teachers, you don't know what to think. But after meeting her- I am so excited for Davis. She is young, cute, so sweet and has great teaching experience. He is going to have a blast.

Saturday afternoon, after Bennett worked in the yard, we decided to take a random trip to Fred to swim for a bit (and pick up the aforementioned rocks). It was so fun because Mason and Lovell were there, staying with my mom. Mason leaves next week for college (I feel so old) so that was extra special. We gave her bed linens from Red for her graduation gift. She is going to be so stylish in Ohio.

We played and played and then took a dip in the pool. Davis had a grin from ear to ear the whole time. He is so brave in the water- loves to jump from the side- and wants his space all the time. But he really loved swimming with Daddy at Honey's. And Holden skinny dipped. She LOVED it. We didn't get home till 10 that night. Holden slept the whole ride home. Not Davis. He talked the whole way.

Yesterday, we went to church...then we had brunch at Chez Zee (my favorite) then my mom came over and we unloaded some furniture and started to rearrange our living room. So fun to have a new look. I'll do pictures once it's all finished. I know it seems like tons of changes- and it is- but we haven't done this since we moved in about six years ago.

So Davis has had no problem with nighttime in his new bed- but naptime is another story. He played his WHOLE naptime yesterday and when we went in there and it looked like a toy store had thrown up in his room, we said "DAVIS. What are you doing?" He looked at Bennett and I and said "I was just...sleeping." YEAH RIGHT. Hopefully that will wear off. I like my naps.

Anyway- then my grandparents stopped by. Then B came over. Then my mom and I went to dinner. And then I went to bed at 9 p.m. for goodness sakes.

Also this weekend, Davis started calling me "mom" instead of "mommy". WHAT? Punch to the stomach. I tried to tell him that if he calls me "mom" I will call him "Dave" but it didn't really work.

And he said some funny things like:
"Daddy. You have a big bootie."

Davis: You shave your wegs, mom?
Me: Yep
Davis: They are scratchy...

"We need to go talk about it in the wibing room..." about it being bedtime.

Also- I took pictures this weekend. YAHOO! I will upload them tomorrow.
Hope you guys had a good weekend. Ours was tiring, but productive.