1st Day of School

So much to talk about from this weekend, but first things first, today was Davis' first day as a Robin. It's amazing what a difference a year can make. I had so much anxiety last year about him starting school, and this year was quite different. We talked so much about Davis' new class, teachers and friends, and I could tell this morning he was a little nervous. He kept saying "I want to stay home. I don't want to go to my new classwoom." But luckily, when we got there, and he saw new toys and his buddy, Hudson, he was just fine.

We played for a bit and he was so excited about the new and different toys...TWO garbage trucks in his new room! And then Bennett and I began to tell him we had to leave...and after three times saying "one more minute..." he pushed us out the door (literally) with a big smile on his face. I'm excited for him. This is going to be a big year.

Also- he has a little kid bathroom attached to his class this year and it links up with another classroom- and the teacher in that classroom is Miss Kathryn!

So about last week and this weekend...

I took so many pictures- with a real camera.

Davis, Holden and I went to see nanny and grandpa in Fredericksburg.

We got Davis to nap a couple days in his big boy bed.

Holden is SO close to crawling.

Davis got a hair cut and screamed the entire time. Awesome.

Davis redeemed his stars and picked out a CAT track loader.

Honey came over so Bennett and I could go to Corky and B's shower.

Church was awesome. We're doing a 30 day bible reading challenge. Discipline Sam, discipline.

I got to see Carrie (Davis' nanny) at work- love her.

Jennifer (Holden's nanny) made a little imprint of Holden's feet for us. So cute.

Bennett and I started doing "mindshare" where we sit down on Sunday evenings and each of us shares something cool we read, learned or heard about that week. (We made it up...so far so good).

My other Carrie (and Zach, Porter and Mary Mae) bought a house near us. Yahoo.

Okay, more later! Happy first day of school. Fall is in the air! (I am willing this to be so)