Yellow Submarine

Guess what song Davis is learning at school? Yellow Submarine. I can't wait until we can sing it together. I love that song in general, but it will also provide a nice break from Twinkle Twinkle and ABCs.

Speaking of singing- I just WISH I had my phone or camera with me this morning when I dropped Davis off at school. Two little boys were sitting on a bench, holding shovels from the sandbox, strumming them like guitars, while singing. I asked what they were doing, they said "We singing. We a band." Next thing you know, Davis climbed up there with his little shovel and the three of them serenaded me with "ABCs". They were so serious and they looked so cute- three tiny little guys just strumming their shovels. What a lovely way to start the day.

We had a really fun night last night- I had the worst headache so didn't go meet up with my girlfriends to watch The Bachelorette- instead both Bennett and I laid down at 7:30 and didn't wake up till almost 10. That's when you know you're tired...

But anyway- before that, we had such a fun time with Davis and Holden. Davis drove his "mikki car" (a red mini cooper) all around the front yard, then we went out back and watered plants on the porch (he ended up butt naked and soaking wet) and then he helped Bennett drill in a new door knob. He was SO proud. The first thing he said to me this morning was "I fixed the door, mommy..."

He is so into working hard and fixing things lately. The cabinet doors are off our bathroom cabinets since they are being painted (they look AMAZING, by the way) and every morning Davis spends at least 15 minutes under the sinks, "fixing" the pipes. I'll say "Okay bud, it's time to go to school..." and he will quickly say "But mommy, I fixing it. I working SO hard."

He informed me this morning that while Daddy is a hard worker, Mommy is a hard worker, and Davis is a hard worker, Holden is NOT a hard worker. "She just lays down..." HA.

So I'm excited about fireworks tomorrow night- I think my mom will be in town, so I'm hoping we can take Davis somewhere to watch them. I think he will love seeing fireworks for the first time. I wouldn't be surprised if Bennett takes him to a fireworks stand to pick some small ones out too. I don't know who loves buying fireworks (burning money) more than Bennett. :)

Anyway- that's all I got. I'm excited to have tomorrow off. I hope we just relax and maybe go swim at the YMCA. I'm tired...tired but happy.

Happy July 4th! GO AMERICA!