While We Were Away...

Before I get to days 3 and 4...here is a look at what Mr. Davis was up to while we were gone.

Thursday he was picked up by Honey- and she had "cop-corn" ready for him in the car. This was a special request- and I thought it was funny because we never have popcorn at home. He really remembers things.

Saturday morning he competed in a bike race with Nikki and Tony. I expected him to get in the little bike trailer and say "I all done" about 100 times, but apparently he was such a trooper and really enjoyed the whole ride. I think he was trying to impress Mikki and Toe-nee! Also, he got a cupcake at the end.

After that, he went home for a nap, and then got picked up by B and Corky to go to Chik-Fil-A and Cabela's. SPOILED! I have to get more pictures from C&B because they are so ADORABLE, but here is one Court send me on my phone.

He loves Mikki and Tony and Corky and B so much- and it makes me feel like a million bucks that they love him in return.

Thank you guys!