What I Love Wednesday

Spent the majority of last night with whatever stomach bug Davis had Saturday. Blech. So I will try to get back on a positive page by doing a What I Love Wednesday post.

Cottage Cheese. Not sure why, but lately, I'm loving it. Can't be too wet. Must have large curdles. Must be low-fat. Must not think about what it actually IS. No visual because I am now thoroughly grossed out after looking up "cottage cheese" on google image search.

The fact that Davis puts his hands in fists next to his chest, and clenches tight, while saying: "I don't want to get SCARY!" when it thunders or something.

Glitter nails. A party right on your fingertips.

The Bachelorette. Okay, I was over the franchise until Emily came back. I LOVE Jef with one F, though I think she will pick Arie. Man, their chemistry sometimes makes it uncomfortable to watch. I feel like I'm the third person in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

Rain. How fun is it that it's been raining in the middle of the summer? Just before we lay sod, of course, but I'll still take it.

This funny card. My girlfriends would certainly find me faster on a bottle of wine. A red bottle of wine, to be exact.

The fact that last night, after eating 6 ounces, Holden was so loud and clearly not ready to go to sleep, so I set her down in her bed while I went to give Davis a bath, and 20 minutes later, she had put herself to sleep!

Trident Layers, cherry lime flavor. So good.

The fact that this morning when Davis asked me to come watching Lightning McQueen with him and I said "I don't feel good. I have to stay here..." he hugged me, then looked at me and said "Mommy all better now..."

DSW. I got these adorable shoes there for such a steal and I seriously want to wear them every day. That place is awesome. I also got my friend Courtney the cutest navy polka dot Chuck Taylors there.

This cutlery set. I don't think I'd like it as my full time set...but it certainly is fun for summer.

Happy Wednesday. Hope you're having a good one.