This is going to sound rinky-dink to everyone else- but to me- it's HUGE. Holden now falls asleep on her own.

What this means is that I don't have to sit in the dark silence of her room, while worrying that Davis is on the verge of burning the house down in the other room, feeling sad that I'm missing so much time playing with him, all the while trying to stop him from barging in saying "What you doing, mommy?" just as she is falling asleep, only to wake her up and start the whole 45 minute routine over again.

It's huge. I can now spend the full time between work and bedtime with BOTH of them. And then I can simply walk in her room and lay her down while she is still fully awake. So much stress relieved. Hopefully this isn't just a phase, but real progress. It makes it so much easier when I am at home with both of them and Bennett is traveling.

Separately- a few product reviews. Is there anything better than finding a really quality product? Doubtful. Okay- so just three for today but I might add this to my blog repertoire- IF I find enough good products. Anyway...may I introduce:

The Puddle Jumper.

Recommended to me by a random, kind, and very maven-like woman at Academy as I stared at the wall of lifejackets for Davis. This thing is awesome. It's approved by the Coast guard, it's cute and fun, and it doesn't hike up and get all uncomfortable like typical life jackets do. We call Davis' "monster man"...he doesn't mind wearing it at all. If a puddle jumper is not what you're looking for, what about:

Motts for Tots.

40% less sugar and also it tastes awesome. I steal Davis' drink boxes all the time. Especially the apple white grape combo. So good. I feel like no one needs all the sugar in regular juice. Get your Motts for Tots today! (Okay- that was a little far...but it's good...and refreshing). And if juice is not going to satiate your needs, have you shopped:

Soma Intimates.

Okay- every woman needs a good bra. Really- the power of a good bra should not be underestimated- especially for us busty gals. A while back, Davis made friends with this woman on the airplane, probably about my mom's age. They talked about their lives and I guess everything else under the sun, because by the end of the flight, she had recommended that Davis tell me about Soma Intimates. And man, what a good recommendation. Great gear- great prices- great selection. I am SOLD.

That's all for now. Would love to hear if you have any new/good product recommendations.

P.S. I am not getting paid for these endorsements. Though really I'm sure this post will be driving sales due to my extensive 11 person readership...I probably should get paid. Send me a check, Motts.