Pretty Princess

Guess who came home with a Pretty Princess car today? Davis Bennett. Nikki picked him up from school today and asked him what he wanted to do...he said "Go to Target." He's no fool...he knows that if he goes to Target with Honey or Mikki, he's coming out of there with a toy. Any toy he wants. Today it was the loveliest little pink and purple car with a button that plays music.

Nikki called to make sure it was going to be okay, and I just laughed. He's two. If he likes it, it's fine by me. The best, was that he was explaining to Nikki what he could do with the car...

"I take it on the back porch, Mikki. I take it to the YMCA."

And sure enough, he took it right out on the back porch and then into the backyard where he decided to drive it through the mud he was creating with a water hose. Boys and their toys, part II, I guess. Ha.

A few other funny things I want to remember:

He's transitioned from saying dogs are barfing to barking. :(

He answered "Sure" today for the first time when I asked him if he wanted to play cars...

When I tickle his arms and back in the morning, he stays really still, and says "That Feel Me Happy."

He says "I may" and "I may not" ALL THE TIME. Sometimes in the right context, and sometimes just when he disagrees with something I want him to do or not do.

Today when I asked him who his best friend was, he said "Mommy. And daddy. And Honey. And Mikki."

He still says "I want big ones..." when he means he wants a lot of something- juice, animal crackers, cereal, whatever. I love it.