Here are the minutes from this weekend. The high point was definitely having both Scottie P and Kirsten in town Friday night. We invited about 15 people over to hang out and had a blast. We were so loud; I am still amazed and shocked that neither Holden or Davis woke up. I had to kick everyone out at 12:30 because while most of them would be sleeping in the next day, right now the Bennett household gets up around 6:30...

Saturday took an unexpected turn when Davis started throwing up. Poor guy felt so sad and confused each time he would throw up. He puked everywhere. Literally everywhere. It was total barf-o-rama around here. But he was such a trooper. So pleasant and sweet even in the midst of it all. So really we didn't do much the rest of the weekend...just laid low.

Davis is so helpful these days. I know I've said it before- but he's so fun to be around. Sometimes, in the last year, I've looked at the clock at 5:00 pm and thought "Okay, only two more hours Sam, you can do this..." but he's at the point now where he really is enjoyable all the time (pretty much- okay- for you moms that are like "yeah right" i mean he does have his moments, but they are pretty few and far between).

He understands that we don't want him to whine. He knows that crying and throwing a fit is naughty...he'll even talk about that day at Target and say "I not going to cry this time at Target. That naughty naughty naughty...that make mommy sad." And he has started to really get into helping and doing things himself.

Yesterday I came home from the grocery store and asked him if he wanted to help me bring the groceries in...he ran out the front door and said "I going to help mommy. I going to do it by myself." So I gave him a roll of Bounty paper towels and he felt so proud to help me. If you ask him to help you by going to get something or by looking for something, he says "Okay! I go find it!" and just loves being put to work.

Also- he's really into working in the yard with Bennett these days. Bennett has decided that he is going to redo our backyard himself- so he's been prepping and planning and Davis really feels like he is his helper. I'll walk outside to talk to them and Davis will say "I working SO hard mommy..." Also, the other day I was telling him how eating his dinner will make him strong and he looked at me and said "Strong like daddy..."

Holden, on the other hand, is about to be six months, which i can HARDLY BELIEVE. I think back to those days where she was just spitting up all the time and I was up all night with her and it really feels like lifetimes ago. She is the happiest little girl. She smiles ALL THE TIME- so big it looks like her face will crack. She loves sitting up, though she can't balance sitting up by herself yet. When she is able to sit up- her world will be complete.

She squawks and talks all the time and this weekend she learned to make this funny smacking sound by sucking on her top lip. Also, I got her to giggle! Just a couple times, by tickling her under her arm.

She is still in 3-6 months clothes, some of which are still too big. She is spitting up less by the day...we're down to about 2 wardrobe changes a day which is a huge improvement...and the only things that make her upset are going #2 and anyone wiping her nose. GEEZ, she hates that.

This morning I took Davis to school and I was talking to his friend, Cooper, about the baby sister he's about to have. I said "Davis, can you tell Cooper about your baby sister?" He paused, then looked at Cooper and said "I have a baby sister. Holden Eloise Bennett." Which sounded like "Hoden Ed-o-weez Bennett." It was the cutest thing. He's really into saying full names these days and he calls himself "Davis Graves Bennett" even though it's Davis Dunbar Graves Bennett. I get it- that's a lot to remember.

Holden's hair is much darker than Davis' was- and her eyes are still very blue. I'm wondering if they will stay that way. She very much looks like her own person to me these days.

Her sleep patterns are not really consistent yet. Some nights she wakes up at 12:00, some nights, not till 2:00, and Friday night, she slept from 7:00 p.m. till 5:45 a.m. So, she's getting there.

Bennett and I:
We're working on the house a lot. Like I said, Bennett is really excited about doing the backyard himself, and I think he's crazy. Why anyone would want to work in this crazy heat weekend after weekend is beyond me...but power to him. I'm trying to encourage him to at least hire someone to help.

We had the cabinets painted in our bathrooms and they look amazing. I want to do the same for the kitchen- but we'll have to wait a while. Our painter is out of town for a month...but today we're having our granite tile countertops fixed up a bit. Geez, if you haven't heard about that ordeal, it's been crazy. We had them done a year ago- the guy did a horrible job- and they keep falling off- and he won't come fix them. I was all excited about nailing his ass to the wall by going to small claims court...and then I realized I hardly have time to sleep...I don't really have time to fulfill my other dream of being a trial lawyer. Ha.

And then next week we're going to Denver! I cannot wait. Davis has a conference there so I'm going to meet him and stay for a few days over the weekend. We seriously haven't spent that much time alone together, with nothing to do, in years. I think two years, actually. It's going to be amazing. We're going to just do whatever we feel like, whenever we feel like it. I just saw Katie Brewerton, so I don't know that I'll see her there, but we're going to try to see Sommer and John. We'll see how it all goes...we need some down/away time for sure.

Ooh! And Nikki and I are going to the Indigo Girls this Friday. I am so excited!

Busy busy bees these days. We'll sleep when we're dead. ;) Hope you are enjoying your summer too...