I'm Talkin...

Davis is such a chatterbox these days that in order for Bennett and I to get a word in edge-wise, we have to say "Davis. I'm talking right now. It's not your turn. I'll have a turn, then daddy, then it's your turn." On Saturday, he realized that he can do this too...so now, he frequently interjects, letting us know "I'm talkin! I'm talkin now."

It's pretty funny because once it is his turn, I'll put the spotlight on him and say "Okay Davis, it's your turn. So start talking. What are you going to talk about?" And he'll think and then quickly say something random, like "I'm talkin. I'm talkin about...Mikki's car..." or "I'm talkin about that song..." or whatever pops into his little head.

We bought him a big boy bed this weekend- I found it on Craigslist for $35. Yep, you read that right. It's so cute too! I sincerely like it better than a lot of the ones I found online. It's just a simple white, wood, twin bed. We went to pick it up last night and he was so excited. He kept wanting to go in the garage and sit on his "big boy bed." I'm still figuring out what sort of bedding I want to do...so we'll probably get it all together a week or two after Denver.

Can I even tell you how excited I am about Denver? I hope it is as fun as I am hoping and I hope it's stress free and I don't feel guilty about leaving the kids, or my mom keeping them, or whatever. I am counting the hours.

Nikki and I went to La Condesa and to the Indigo Girls Saturday night. It was so fun! They were so great. And Amy (one of the singers) was wearing the same unique plaid pants I've seen her wear at two different shows. Ha. Anyway- the show was great- but the best part was hanging out with Nikki. We always laugh so hard when we're together...we were cracking up about how annoyed she is with her Olympic size queen bed and how so little bedding fits it...and I was joking about how I would probably dismount out of the bed each day like a gymnast if I had an "Olympic" bed. Okay, not as funny re-told, I'm sure. Oh well.

And here are some pictures of miss Holden. She is sitting up on her own now- for limited amounts of time- but still. She loves it. She is so sweet. I can't believe she is six months old.

Also one of Davis. I took him to get his hair cut this weekend and I almost cried, he looked so big when he was done. Also, he is really asserting himself these days. Yesterday he full-on climbed up on a shoe display at Nordstrom to get some Vans, with flames on them, to try on. Luckily Unfortunately, they only had the gray and black checked version...which are super cute. He picked them himself. I have a little boy that picks his own shoes. Vans, nonetheless.

Busy week. Gotta run. Hope you had a good weekend.