How Does it Happen

That they grow so fast? These pictures are from ONE YEAR ago. It makes my stomach hurt. Maybe I need more small people; these small people keep getting BIG.

And then I think about last night and how this should be a post celebrating the fact that Holden slept through the night, but instead I'm writing about how Davis woke up at 5:00 a.m. DE.MAN.DING that he go "way on my banket in the wibing woom. with daddy."

So angry and stubborn in his demands. And I thought to myself "Who is the boss here?" And I answered (to myself) "I AM THE BOSS HERE..." So I told him no and suggested that he either lay back down or we could rock for a minute. And then he screamed so loud and so long that I just knew he would wake Holden up so I offered up laying with me in my bed for a little bit...and realized that possibly he was the boss in that moment. You win some, you lose some. I weighed my options- one baby up screaming at 5:00 a.m. is certainly better than two.

So he toddled down the hall next to me and we climbed in bed. And he had to get situated just so...he had to find his special pillow and he wanted to lay his blanket out so he could lay right on it...and he had to be in the middle of our shared pillow and he needed me to move over a little so he could get cozy...but i couldn't go on the other side of the king size bed because he wanted "mommy go right here." And then he had to whisper a little bit. That's what you do at night.

And he laid there for a minute. And then he giggled. And I played dead asleep. And he giggled again. And then he got up so close to my face and kissed me on the lips. I still played dead- one cannot be fooled by this charm at 5:00 a.m. And then, he sat up, scooted up close to me and began to rub ever so softly on my arms and back. So soft, soft, a little soft, a little more firm, a little tougher, until he was banging on my arms and back like "Hey lady- I'm giving you a back rub here, the least you can do is acknowledge it..." and so I giggled and said "thank you..." and then sure enough, Holden woke up.

So I took him back to his bed, went to feed her, tried to lay her back down, went to lay back down myself, fell asleep for 10 minutes and then heard her basically saying "I slept through the night and now I'm ready to party!" So I got up and started the day. So maybe I don't need more small people. :)