Denver: Days One and Two

We're back and man, I am so refreshed. We had such a fun time...we slept in, we saw the sights, we ate well, we drank well, and we just relaxed. It was everything I had hoped for. I told my mom that it really felt like we were kids. One of my favorite trips is one that Bennett and I took the summer before we got engaged. We flew to San Diego- no hotels, no plans, nothing...and we had such an amazing time. Denver felt a lot like was just what we needed.

And it was the perfect amount of time. I missed Davis and Holden, of course, but I really enjoyed being there with Bennett. We laughed and talked a lot. The best way to sum up vacation without kids is that you get to talk as much as you want, or be quiet as much as you want. If you are a parent- you know what I mean. :)

Oh, but wait, before I dig into the trip...guess who has to get a new car this week? ME. And while I know that sounds fun, I didn't really plan on it, and I don't know what sort of car I should get...and I have to make a decision. EEK!

Okay, back to the regular programming.

Day One:
Bennett picked me up Thursday afternoon and we went to check in at the hotel. We got great rates on The Four Seasons, so that was a fun treat. After checking in, we walked down to this really cute gastro-pub and brewery, Euclid Hall.

I went with a tomato caprese salad to hold me over till dinner...Bennett opted for a curry corn dog, sausage, and some bone marrow. Yes, seriously. This is what it looked like.

It grossed me out...sort of made me feel like a dog gnawing on a bone...but the beer was great. I had no idea that the Denver area is the Napa Valley of beer. Lots of good, local options.

We walked around a little bit- checking out the cute local stores on Larimer Street, then went and relaxed in the room for a while. A few hours later- we walked across downtown (it was far and I was in cute/uncomfortable shoes) to have dinner at Park & Co. AMAZING burgers. And really it sort of felt like Austin.

We walked back after dinner and just decided to go to sleep was so nice to both go to sleep early and sleep as late as we wanted.

Day Two:
I woke up early on Friday- well at least according to Denver time. So we were up and on the road by 8:30 to go to Colorado Springs for some hiking and a look at the Olympic Training Center. I'll be honest, this wasn't the part I was looking forward to the most, but I was trying to be congenial and compromising for Bennett. We drove to Garden of the Gods to hike, but didn't get very was HOT. Like 100 degrees hot. And it wasn't my idea to quit- if that's what you are thinking.

But here we are at Balanced Rock. It felt a lot like Zion National Park- though not as big or beautiful.

Then we headed over to the US Olympic Training Center. So cool, especially one week before the London Olympics. We went on the tour and watched the video and I actually almost cried it was so inspiring. I really admire people that work so incredibly hard, give up so much, to perfect their skills at an individual sport. It's really crazy.

So while we were there- most of the actual Olympians had already headed over to London- but we did get to see potential Olympians, that have been chosen for residency there, practicing.

Yes, that is a little boy in the first shot. It sort of bothered me how young and serious they were. But man, they were talented. I just hope they were there because they wanted to be. Not because they had to be.

We drove back that afternoon, I took the BEST nap, then we hung out by the pool for a while. Can you believe it was over 100 in Denver Colorado? It was. I was shocked and really didn't pack appropriately for the weather. Oops. Had to shop a little. I mean, what can you do?

That night we ate at this cute little Italian place called Panzano's. The appetizers were Un. Real. Brussel sprouts served with apples and a caramel glaze and the best calamari ever. By the time dinner came, we were too full to really enjoy it. Oops. We had such a great time at that dinner though- we talked and enjoyed each other's company. Good memories.

More later!