Denver: Days 3 and 4

Before I forget...
The morning of Day 3 was spent in Boulder- which is the cutest little town...full of shops and little restaurants. We walked around the main square and just looked at things. I was looking for a gift for my mom the whole time, to thank her for keeping Davis and Holden. I thought this little street fair would be perfect. The only thing I really noticed was a very cool necklace...I went over to check it out, thinking "This is SO my mom..." and the price was $3000.00. Yes, three THOUSAND dollars.

At a street fair. Just sitting on top of a little booth. WHAT? So needless to say, we left gift-less. Ha.

We then drove back and hung out at the pool all afternoon. Had more than our fair share of margaritas and pina coladas and ended up shooting the breeze with an older couple from New York who live in the Four Seasons residences. I love older people. Well, people of all ages can just learn a lot from getting to know people in different life stages than you.

After sleeping off our afternoon party, we went to the loveliest restaurant called "The Kitchen." It's a farm to table restaurant that gets a lot of buzz in the Colorado area and otherwise. Okay- so that day I bought a dress in Boulder. A cute coral colored dress...very simple, but so cute. SECOND BITE in to dinner I drip an oil vinaigrette down the front. WHAT? Ruined? After one hour of wearing it? I don't think so...I ended up trying Dawn to get it out and it totally worked. Poor Bennett had other ideas for the evening- drinks, live music, something...but I was not going to let a little oil ruin my new dress.

The next morning, we met up with Sommer, John, Emma and Emma's new baby brother Landon, for brunch at Snooze. Sommer was one of my bridesmaids and while I don't see her a lot- I love that we always pick up right where we left off. Seeing her made me miss her even more than I already do. I think I'll bring Davis up there one weekend so he and Emma can play and Sommer and I can hang out. I can't stop kicking myself for not getting a picture of us all...but here is the restaurant. Man it was so cute...and so good. I had Eggs Benedict. Which is probably prompting you to wonder how I did with WW while there...I stayed the same...which I guess is pretty good for vacation.

We then hopped a plane and headed back to Austin. And I was SO excited to see Davis and Holden. Davis came running down the hallway to hug Bennett and I. It felt like a million bucks.

So that was our trip to Denver. We had a great time.

Separately- a few funny things Davis said this weekend.
"Well, I haven't seen those in a while..." (when Bennett pulled out some of Davis' favorite mesh shorts)

"I need a snack. I need sumfin special daddy..."

Today when trying to get the DVD player in the car to work- just to show Davis the new gadget...
Me: "I don't know, Davis. It's not working. We'll have to ask daddy when he gets back tomorrow..."
Davis: "You can DO it mommy. I know you can."

"I don't like you. I LOVE you daddy." (He had just told Bennett he didn't like him and Bennett started to act sad and said "That makes me so sad, why don't you like me, Davis?" Clever dude.)

"Daddy- do NOT put your feet on mommy's new car."