The Windy City

Is there a better city than Chicago in the summer? I don't know that there is. It's just beautiful here. And I love the midwest. You sneeze and about fourteen people turn around to say "bless you!" Salt of the earth, that's what midwesterners are.

My hotel room:

View from the window:

And Oprah:

Separately- I feel so busy and behind. I have about a bazillion phone calls to return...and I hate how that feels (both to me and to the person I need, and want, to call back). And I miss Katie. I want to go see her soon. Like tomorrow.

Wish I could just pop over from the windy city. Sigh.

Au revoir for now. Going to sleep in a giant bed. In the hotel robe- which happens to be a very sassy animal print. Spread out as far as I can be. Because I can.

Good night.