Two Against One

That's what it felt like last night- two against one. Something is up with Holden, maybe she's teething, maybe she's got an earache, maybe it's something I've never even thought of, or maybe she's just testing me, but regardless...she doesn't go to bed easily.

It takes forever to feed her and I have to do it in her room in the quiet, dark space, so I set Davis up in the living room with "Whitening McQueen" and he usually just plays and eats his dinner for a little bit until I can get her to sleep...or actually, without fail, he walks right in just as she is closing her eyes and says "What you doing, mommy?" She wakes up, and I have to start right over.

Last night, I finally had to let her lay there crying while I played with Davis, rocked him, and put him to sleep. Then I went back in to help her. And then when I laid her down, finally, he would cry again.

"I need more mulk (milk) mommy." (So I get him milk)

Then she wakes up, I go in to help her try to fall asleep again and just when I think she's out, he's crying again.

"I need more mulk mommy. BIG mulk." (And I try to tell him there is no more milk. He actually drank it all and I can't get to the store while Bennett is out of town.) So he says:

"Water?" (And I explain to him that if he drinks anything more, he will pee the bed...) And he then tells me:

"I don't pee the bed, mommy. I need water..." (All the while, Holden is screaming her brains out in her room)

And so it goes...until about 9:30 last night. It's like they know when Bennett is gone and they really give me the business. URGH.

Separately- some exciting things in my world:

1) Got my first Greenling local box yesterday- basically this is a community supported agriculture program and the local box includes random fresh produce and fruits. It was really fun to open it and see what was inside. Sort of like christmas. I already enjoyed many cherry tomatoes and I'm excited to try the summer squash.

2) We have our annual family poker tournament this weekend, where I hope to win the coveted John Wayne trophy for a third time. I am currently the only person who has won twice, so I at least need to protect my status there.

3) We have a big blowout 30th birthday party Saturday, which I'm really excited about. We've been looking forward to it, it's a high school style pool party, and I can't wait to spend the day outside.

4) I think we decided to keep our house another year or two. It's not really what we WANT to do, but it's what we know we SHOULD do. If we can keep our house and rent it when we buy a new one, that would be such a good long-term move. We're such grown ups these days. So the fun news is that we're still doing updates around the house- things we've sort of put off because we figured we'd move. So, I've enlisted the help of my sister, the fabulous interior designer to help me freshen up the inside, and Bennett is working on the backyard. Yahoo! I will do before and after photos...

5) I'm working on finding dresses for Nikki and Courtney's weddings- which is so fun. One needs to be gold/champagne and one black- and I get to pick both- which is hard to beat!

So that's all for now. More later. Happy Wednesday. I almost said "hump day" but I hate it when people say that. Eww.