Too Hot to the Handle

104? Really? Yes really, for all my international readers, that's how hot it is in Texas right now, so we can't help but go to the YMCA almost every day we get a chance. This weekend we went Thursday after work, Friday after work and then again on Sunday. We really needed it on Sunday because on Saturday we were just driving along, minding our own business, when the AC in the Jeep just turned off. Just turned off. No sound, no hot air blowing, just turned off.

We were mid drive on the way over to Carrie's house- which is not really close. We're pretty much on the opposite sides of Austin. It was 100 degrees and if you know Davis at all, you know that he has been so intolerant of the heat, ever since he was little. I had both Davis and Holden in the back of the car- so I panicked for a moment- then realized that none of us would die from the heat, (although it felt like we could) so I rolled down the windows, and kept driving.

I made a big deal out of what happened so Davis would understand...I kept saying things like "Oh no! The air conditioner broke. It's going to get SOOO hot, but we can take it, we're strong! We won't cry about it, NO!" And he got really into it, flexing his muscles, and repeating that "we don't cry! we big boy!" until about 5 minutes went by and then he said "Mommy it's too hot. It's too hot to the handle."

I just died laughing. Where did he hear that? And he said it so seriously, like "mom- this is really getting serious in here. we gotta do something." I kept saying "You know what- it's okay- we're almost there and when we get there it's going to be so nice and cool..." and then he would say "It's going to be COLD and COLD and COLD at Porter's house."

They are such troopers. It's unreal. There we are in 100+ heat, driving down the highway with the windows down, and neither of them cried or whined. We're pretty lucky.

Tonight, my good friend, Katie Brewerton is in town from Colorado. I'm about to go meet her for a bit. Yay for friendships that are fun, meaningful, easy and lasting. Love her.