They're Getting Big

It's hard to go back to work after a really great weekend. We celebrated my mom's birthday this weekend and we all had such a great time. We stayed at The Westin at The Domain and spent Saturday afternoon at their pool and ALL DAY SUNDAY too. We went to La Condesa Saturday night- which I LOVE- and just drank skinny margaritas, pretty much 24/2.

And man, Davis and Holden were such a joy. I mean, really. Davis had on his little floatie and can basically float around by himself in the pool as long as someone is within a few feet of him. I couldn't believe how self sufficient he was in the water. Last summer, it was so frustrating because we would go to the pool, he would swim for about 5 seconds and then he would walk around the pool, trying to dig through people's bags to see what cool stuff they brought. So, as you can imagine, there was no relaxing.

This year, he just LOVES to swim. He's like a little fish, and he has no fear, so he has learned to balance in his floatie, which we call his "monster man" (there is a happy monster face on the front) and just float and swim around all day. He doesn't hang on anyone, he doesn't whine, he just floats and plays on the steps. He doesn't need toys- he just entertains himself or talks to whoever is in the pool with him. It's so awesome. We can actually relax and enjoy the pool again. The only conflict is when we try to get him OUT of the pool. He could stay in all day.

And what about Holden? She might be even easier. She literally just hung out in her car seat, or laid on the recliners and slept or played, or just relaxed. I mean, it's ridiculous, she's so chill. Davis would have never just fallen asleep in that scenario. She loved the water too. We brought her in in her little suit and hat and she just enjoyed it. Here are a couple pictures, and I'll post more later...nothing cuter than little people in suits.

Holden and the birthday girl. Sure got a lot of space on the top of this picture. Nice photography, Sam.

Holden, hanging out poolside.

So I'm wearing my aunt Mikki's hat, what's it to ya?
So really- it was so fun and relaxing and I think we all just had a great time and felt really thankful...but it also made me realize that they are getting BIG really fast. Especially Davis. Yes it's fun that he can be pretty self sufficient- but it also means that he will continue to need us/want us less and less the older he gets...which brings a big old bubble to my chest just thinking about it. ZOINKS.

Bittersweet. That's what motherhood is.