That's Tricky!

Davis' school is having a major power outage- something about a power cable breaking or a flux capacitator or no school today and no school tomorrow. I went in to work today, but left early so Bennett could get some things done too. Since I got home a little early, I took Davis to the Y to swim.

There is a little slide there- it sits in the shallow end in about a foot of water. All the little kids sit on their bottoms and slide right down. Davis included. Until today. First he decided to lie on his belly and slide face first into the water. He did this about 15 times, and each time he would jump up with a smile on his face and say "That's tricky!" I laughed because I'm not sure where he picked that up.

Anyway- about 15 slides in- I see him try to go down the slide standing up. Of course I tried to stop him, but after about the third effort, I left him fall (gently) so he would bonk his head and learn his lesson. It worked...but two minutes later I saw him sitting down, going down the slide backwards.


We also swam out in the deep end, me pretty much carrying him since he didn't have his monster man floatie on. This was fine for a while until he started to tell me he needed his space. I kept telling him he would sink to the bottom- but he was convinced. So again, I let his head slide under the water...and I thought he would come up gasping and a little freaked out. NOPE. He came out with the biggest sly grin.

Oh LAWD have mercy. He's tricky.