Holy cow- seven years ago today, Bennett and I were married in a little white stone chapel in Fredericksburg, Texas, where we first met and fell in love in sixth grade. Okay, we didn't really fall in love then. I wouldn't even hold his hand. But I was his girlfriend and he did carry my trumpet for me after middle school every day.

It's gone both fast and slow. It's been both amazing and unbelievably hard. We've both grown in different and similar ways. We've been young and fancy free together. We've become parents to two babies together. We've traveled together, we've stayed home together a lot more after having those babies. We've been both chubby and thin together. We've been happy and sad together.

And through all those differences- I'm just glad to say that he is still my best friend, I think I am his, and I love him more year over year. So here's to seven years and seven things I love about Davis:

1) The guy is funny. Really funny. From the get-go we could both see that we enjoy the same silly things and love to laugh together. He is always cracking me up...and you know what they say "the couple that laughs together..."

2) He's unique. He's seen a lot in his life and he's an interesting person because of it. He's traveled all over, he's been to boarding school. He's gone to military college and yet he is also the messiest person I know. He's athletic, but he also loves music. Everything about him is interesting- and I love that I keep peeling back layers to find out more.

3) He's loyal. Unbelievably loyal. Bennett has his faults like everyone, but being flakey isn't one of them. If he says he will be there for you- he will be there for you. If he marries you and says he is going to love you forever- he will. He's a good friend. He's a great dad. He's an awesome husband. He sticks with his team.

4) He is HOT. Okay. Davis has always been hot- but how is it that in the last year or two he's gotten even hotter? He is a lean mean atomic athlete machine. I love his muscles. I love his short hair and his facial hair. I love his bootie!

5) He has great style. In clothes. In home stuff. In everything. He isn't a guy that doesn't recognize great design. He gets it and that's why I always consult him in those situations.

6) He has become more and more a man of God. When I first met him- he wasn't sure about it all. He didn't have a christian background and so it was new to him. It's awesome now that 12 years later, I see him pursuing God on his own. Valuing Godliness on his own. It's really so refreshing and it makes my heart happy to know that our family will always work to embody Christianity.

7) He's a great dad. The way Davis says Bennett is silly- and the way he is starting to love to do guy stuff with him- like mow the yard or watch Lightning McQueen or play monster is just awesome. And Holden knows who her daddy is. She gets a sweet little grin every time he holds her.

Yay for 7 years! We'll be celebrating this weekend!
I love you Davis Bennett.