Night and Day

So out of the blue, our realtor called us last week and told us there was a house that was going on the market the next day that we had to see. She knows we've been casually looking for the last couple years, but that we are waiting a while since we just had Holden, etc.

We went to see it, we fell in love, we made an offer, we found out there were 4 other bids, we sadly, sadly ended up backing out (they had a cash offer), all within 24 hours. We are sort of heartbroken. It was hands down the best house we've seen in all our of looking. Mid-century modern, bamboo floors, all windows, amazingly huge lot, pool in the back, the works. BUT it didn't work out and I keep telling myself that probably some wackadoo lives across the street or surely the foundation has a crack in it or something...just to make myself feel less sad.

So now we're in house fixing mode. We're either going to put it on the market this summer or wait until March. Within another 24 hours, we've stained the porch, laid granite stone, trimmed the trees, painted the doors, potted plants, re-worked the front landscaping, etc. And in the next couple weeks we're having some people come do some other stuff around the place. Of course right when it starts looking amazing, we're probably going to sell it. BUT, today we were talking about our greatest accomplishments, because Bennett has to give a talk about them in his leadership class...and when he asked me mine I said "Writing the book. Becoming head of my department. And really- I guess the next one would be making our backyard grow grass." And I was serious. We've sodded that thing like three times.

Anyway- the whole thing is crazy because our house will probably sell within days, but it could be another year before we find something we really want. This is the Austin real estate market. URGH. BLECH. BOO.

So this weekend was great. We had many celebrations- honestly I feel a little too self indulgent today...but to tell you about them...Friday we went to Olive & June with some of our friends from Austin and a couple who used to live in Austin and now lives in Midland. Saturday we went out for our anniversary to Perla's- think oysters, shrimp cocktail, fried green tomatoes...then today I made Bennett breakfast in bed for Father's Day, we worked like dogs outside for some hours, and then I took him to pick out some goodies for being such a good dad. He really is the best dad. Davis and Holden are lucky.

I got some adorable pics of Holden today while Davis was sleeping- I'll post them soon. Davis is being a little toot lately. He had his first meltdown at Target on Friday- and at first I just laughed and realized that while the college kid parked next to me was for sure deciding never to have kids- this is just sort of what happens. Then I started to get SOOOO angry. I've never really been angry with him before but I couldn't help it. He had just picked out two little trucks and was throwing a tantrum because we weren't going back to the car aisle a second time. I mean, really??

I'm worried he skipped the terrible twos and is going to really give it to me as he approches 3. URGH. BLECH. BOO. Still love him though. He is so cute these days- a little sly, a little daring...just not when he's lying on the floor at Target kicking and screaming. HA.

So I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for work. I'll be back Tuesday. I LOVE CHICAGO. I am bummed that I won't have any time to hit up some of my favorite places...but I am going with two fun guys from work, so we'll definitely grab dinner somewhere great.

Hope you had a good weekend. Here's to all the great fathers! And the mothers that played both roles!