Little Bitty

Bennett and I call Holden "Little Bitty" because she is just so tiny. It was so fun to hold her and feed her last night when I got home. And I peeked into Davis' room as he was falling asleep and he was so excited to see me, it made me feel like a million bucks. He literally said "I miss my mommy. Mommy not go on airplane today..." So many hugs and kisses and giggling our brains out about me saying "Eww" in a funny way. It's the little things.

So here are some pics of our little bitty, a couple of Davis, and then a list of funny things Davis is saying these days. That kid. Cracks. me. up.


What's that noisy? (said "noy-c")
There them are!
I want to watch 'Highway-o'! (what he calls the "life is a highway" part of Cars)
We need to play, mommy. We need to.