Happy Friday

Feeling happy today...yesterday Davis told me I was his best friend. Though when asked a second time (just to double check) he said "Whitening McQueen".

Oh well, I'll take it. That's still pretty high up there.

Also- I've lost four pounds in the last two weeks with Weight Watchers- which is awesome. I feel great about it. Yes, it's not totally awesome to track points all the time, but actually it's better than thinking about losing weight (or not losing weight) all the time.

Holden also had a great night last night. She seems to be back to her groove...at least for a little while. Can't believe she is almost six months.

Enjoy your weekend! Here are some pics:

Ooh, is he smitten with her...he calls her "princess".
He's in a "heap of trouble" as Doc Hudson would say. 

What a great smile, right? Ha. This is a lunch date we had at Chick-a-way with Carrie and Davis' girlfriend, Mary Mae. Okay, speaking of girlfriends...I always ask Davis who he played with at school. He almost always says "Noah" or "Max". Yesterday, he said "Paz"...this is the adorable little girl we pretend is his girlfriend. Then he went on to say: "I sit by Paz. And hug her and help her put her shoes on." I almost died. LOVE.


I asked Davis to give me his scariest face...this is what he gave. HA.
Happy Friday friends!