Davis has talked for a long time...he has had a great vocabulary...but has always been on the quiet side of things. Lately, maybe even overnight this weekend, he became a chatterbox. The guy has something to say about everything. He just jibber jabbers about things ALL DAY LONG. Right now it's still fun because well, it's new, and also because he has said some funny things lately.

1) Friday we went to see my grandparents in Fred and as we were driving, I got pulled over. Davis loves cop cars, but even so, I could tell he was a little nervous about what was going on. The cop walked up to the passenger side of the car, peeked in to see two kids in the back, and ended up writing me a warning for an expired inspection. Anyway- we drove off and Davis said "The cop not come here anymore..." And I said "Yep, you're right. The cop went the other way." He paused for about two minutes and then said "Mommy got in trouble with the cop."

2) Saturday we drove across Austin to our friend, Ella's, birthday party. As we were driving, we were talking about how it is Ella's birthday in June and Davis' in November. Davis didn't like this, he kept saying "My birthday in dune (June)" and I kept explaining that actually it's not. It's in November. Anyway, as we chatted, I took a wrong turn and we ended up getting a bit lost. I said "Shoot! We took the wrong road. We took the wrong road, Davis."

He started to repeat me saying "We took the wong woad..." Then he looked at me and said "It's okay. It happens." HA! I say that to him all the time when he gets worked up about something that isn't worth being upset about. It was so funny to hear him say it back.

3) Davis loves to sleep, but lately he's been fighting the idea of going to bed, as he doesn't want to stop playing cars and trucks. So yesterday, while we were getting ready for his nap, he looked at me and said "We don't have to go nigh nigh. We not tired, mommy."

Also, sometimes in the morning he will say "I not cry at bed, mommy." And I'll say "That's not true, you DID cry at bed last night. But mommy likes it when you don't cry, so tonight- no crying..." And he'll repeat "No crying..."

So last night, before bed, I was telling him a story and of course it was about a little boy named Davis who liked cars and trucks and pretzels and how he liked to read before bed and when it was bed time he just laid down quietly and went to bed. Because he was a big boy and big boys don't cry before bed. Babies cry before bed.

Five minutes later, as it was time for him to go to bed, of course he started to cry and protest. And I reminded him "Davis- you're a big boy. You're not a baby. Big boys don't cry at bedtime."

He looked at me through tears and started to shout "I A BABY! I A BABY MOMMY." I tried not to giggle too hard because it was so clever.

4) Yesterday I asked him to talk to Holden for a minute while I was in the other room...I overheard him saying "I love you Holden. I love you more." So sweet. He just adores her. She was lying on her little playmat while he and I played cars and watched Lightning McQueen and every once in a while he would just stop what he was doing, kneel down and kiss her. And if she was looking off to the side- he would grab her chin- turn it to him- lay one on her- and then go back to playing.

5) The other day at HEB, Davis saw this fuzzy monkey stuffed animal. He NEEDED to grab it, hold it, squeeze it, love it. This was kind of unusual because he isn't usually that into stuffed animals other than his doggie, Bean-o. So because he couldn't live without it- I bought him the $5 stuffed monkey from HEB. And Davis has loved that thing so much that the monkey actually gets to join the ranks of Doggie and the aptly named "Pillow" who sleep in his bed.

So anyway- I asked him what the monkey's name was. He came up with some awesome ones...first "Bean-o" until I explained that he already had a doggie named Bean-o. Then Donny. I have no idea where he got that name. It cracked me up. And then he finally landed on "Mame." Yes. I said "What's his name?" And Davis said "His name is Mame." Ha. Bean-o, Donny and Mame. Amazing names if you ask me.

Kids are so funny.