The Beans

Nikki calls Holden and Davis "the Beans", which I love. So, here are some pictures of the Beans with a few notes at the bottom. Yes, a lot of the pictures of Holden look the same, but I'm sure you want to look at tons of pictures of my baby, right? RIGHT? I'm sure you do.

Cool guy wearing Tony's (Toneee!) shades. 

It looks like he is pumping a keg. Am I right? Just got a snapshot of his college years.

Why I oughtta!

Could she be any cuter? I'm sort of falling in love with her right now. That may sound weird, but I was telling Nikki the other day that I realized (again) now that Holden is about 5 months, this is when it really starts to get fun for me. She is smiling and interacting and you can see her personality come through. I have always loved her- but I LOVE this age and up. I have a hard time just sitting still holding babies. They're sweet, but I find it kind of this is more up my alley. :)

Last night I was feeding her and sometimes if my arm is sore from working out, while holding her, I will turn her facing forward in the chair and she leans against the middle of my body while she eats. She usually loves it and falls right asleep. Last night, she kept STRAINING her head to see me. It melted my heart, so I turned her back the normal way and we just GAZED at each other.

There is a pool going in across the street- so Davis is really into that. There have been dump trucks, skid steers and men "working SO hard". So every day we walk over and see what they're up to and Davis points to the different trucks and says "That mommy's truck." Guess he would like it if I drove a dump truck.

He also is the sweetest little gem- I have to note. I can step on something and say "ouch" or just trip a little- most things a 2 year old wouldn't notice, and right away, every time he will say "YOU OKAY MOMMY?" with a distressed look on his face. So much love, I could drown. :)