Shopping and Lazy Rivering

I'm so excited about this weekend...tomorrow we're going shopping for wedding dresses again and then Saturday (after an early morning workout- ugh) I'm going to Hyatt Lost Pines with some of my best gal pals to celebrate Carrie's 30th.

Don't call, don't write...I will be on a lazy river with some variety of amazing cocktail from 11 on Saturday until they kick us out on Sunday evening. I'll see ya when I see ya. ;)

P.S. Speaking of workouts- I haven't really blogged about that lately. I am pretty excited that I went back to work after Holden almost 20 pounds lighter than I was when I went back to work after Davis. I am a few pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight...but my new goal is -15 lbs.

And of course, beyond weight, I want to be really fit. Strong is the new skinny. I'm not getting to work out as much as I would like right now, just because we're so busy and Bennett is gone a lot for work, but I'm hoping I'll be back in a more regular groove soon. Ahmad gave me some workouts to do at home- so that helps. Yay Ahmad.