Now We're Rolling

The doctor told me not to worry about Holden rolling over anytime soon- so I haven't really thought about it since her 4 month appointment. So I was incredibly surprised when she rolled right over yesterday, while Davis and I were playing trucks as Holden looked on.  I was so excited! I explained it to Davis and he was so excited too!

He clapped and we cheered and then we tried to get her to do it again, on video. Of course she wouldn't do it, but it was so funny, Davis kept pushing her side, trying to help her, while saying "Holden! Go the other way! Holden you can do it!" It was a really special moment with my two little people- both that she rolled over- and that Davis was so happy for her and trying to help her. They are so dear.

On top of all that- I just got this video from Jennifer- capturing the action. Yahoo!