Mother's Day

Yesterday I woke up to breakfast in bed, after sleeping in until 9:30. Such a treat, especially because I am not feeling so well. After that we hung around the house for the morning and Davis played in his new sandbox. Bennett, Holden and Davis gave me the greatest little gift bag- such thoughtful things.

The new John Irving book, to complete my collection:

The latest People magazine:

5 pound weights for my workouts:

And Skittles!

Bennett knows me well. I felt very special. Davis, of course, thought the Skittles were certainly for we shared. Yesterday afternoon I went for a pedicure with my mom and Nikki and then we all went to dinner at Matt's El Rancho. It was so beautiful outside. It was a very nice day, and I am thankful.

Also, did I mention that Bennett and I laid down at 8:30 last night and set our alarms for 9:30 so we could get up and do some work...and then we slept until Holden woke up at 3:00 a.m.? Oops. Must have really needed that sleep.

And have I updated you on two major Davis developments? He is binky free for over a week now and has only asked for it a couple times...AND he is going to the bathroom (both #1 and #2) 2-3 times a day now. I think he's almost ready for some Cars underwear. :)

And Holden is FOUR MONTHS OLD! More on that later...