Holden Finds Her Voice

Davis and I walked in the door yesterday to a very loud squawk - like we'd never heard before. I said something like "Well are you telling us 'hello' Holden?" and Jennifer said "She has been doing that ALL day!" And truly, she is now talking (squawking) every minute that she is awake. And it's loud. It cracks Davis up- so that is fun.

We were working with Holden again last night on rolling over and all of the sudden I looked over at Davis who was lying on his back, grunting, pretending he was working so hard to roll over. Ha! Funny kid. So I cheered and he continued to grunt and I said "Holden look- Davis is rolling over too!"

It's amazing how things can change in just one week- good and bad. Last week I had great sleep. This week, Holden must miss me, because she wants to stay up all night with me. Zoinks. This week, Holden is rolling from stomach to back and working hard to flip from back to stomach...and she's found her voice.

She is grabbing everything. And the sweetest thing is that Davis constantly brings her things and says "Do you want this, Holden?" as he tries to put it in her hand. It's really quite silly how much it melts my heart to watch him be so sweet to her all the time. He has yet to get frustrated with her. Ever. He's two. That's pretty amazing.

Also- her face is changing. I know I'm her mom- but gosh- I think she is getting pretty. She is almost 5 months and I remember our doctor telling us that Gerber always uses 6 month old babies because that is when their face really rounds out and they get those sweet cheeks. I think it's really true. I need to schedule our family photo shoot with Sweet Louise Photography. I want to get some pics of Davis and Holden together...

So Bennett is finally home! He got in late last night- and I'm so glad he is back. I'm really looking forward to this weekend, we have some fun things planned, but the most important thing will just be spending time together.

Okay- that's all for now. Happy Thursday.