Girls Trip

Sunday, my mom, Holden and I took a day trip to Houston for Mason's graduation lunch. Mason and her younger sister, Lovell, are like my baby sisters (though not so baby anymore). Their mom, Jodie, is my dear friend and Godmother and my mom took care of Mason when she was younger, and is also both hers and Lovell's Godmother. We are very connected and I LOVE that they are like family.

Mason was the first little girl I babysat. I was about 13 and she was about 6 months old. I would go over to their house, watch movies, and go in and peek to make sure she was still breathing as she was sleeping. I babysat Mason until she was old enough to babysit Lovell, herself. I went on trips with them, we kept Mason the night Lovell was born, they were our flower girls, and we've really grown together even more over time as Jodie and the girls moved to Austin. They now live in Houston- so we see them less- but it's just like family. You can pick up right where you left off each time you get together.

Anyway- we took a day trip and of course Holden was just the sweetest little pea the whole time. People kept asking if she was always so good- and really- she is. I loved spending the day with just her because I feel like I spend so much time splitting my focus between the two of them- and because she is so little and easy- I feel like she gets the short end of the stick sometimes. Davis is 2 after all, and can be a little demanding...

And my mom and I had so much fun talking while driving there and back as well. It was so nice. So quick, but so nice. Here are some pictures.

This is really the first picture where I looked and thought "Oh my gosh! She is a little girl! Not a baby blob anymore..." I love this picture.

Amazingly, she didn't require any wardrobe changes during the party. Yahoo! I do a quick change right before I go in when I want her to wear something special. Katie gave her this dress!

Mason, Holden and Lovell! Full circle...

You seriously would not believe how amazing the flowers were. They were, hands down, the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen. It's all anyone could talk about. They were peonies- and seriously- bigger than a hand with fingers spread. Amazing.

More peonies. They don't even look real.

And to try to give you an idea of size...I was clearly obsessed.

And how cute is this picture? I took it right when we got home. Honey and the smalls.
Davis stayed with Nikki and Tony while we went to Houston and it sounds like he had the time of his life. They went swimming, they got cupcakes, they went to Kerbey Lane for pancakes, they sat on Tony's motorcycle, they watched Barney via projector on a giant wall. He was as happy as a clam. Here's the note I got from Mikki this morning:

I am so glad to hear that he had such a good time!  It was an action packed-day and Tony and I laughed this morning and last night at some of the funny things that he said and did... at one point he said 'Mikki, I can't work so hard!' while playing with the vacuum cleaner or maybe it was the hangers in the closet - i laughed and said 'it's ok davis, you are right, you don't have to work so hard!'  He loved announcing to Tony 'we have cupcakes, Toeneee!'  

He also spent some time telling doggie about all the things he was doing at mikki & tony's house, which was really cute.  And when tony put cars in his pocket at kirby lane, davis needed cars in his pocket, too. It was such a fun day and I'm so glad he had so much fun at his first playdate at Tony and Mikki's house!

And Bennett- well Bennett was home for a whopping 26 hours this weekend. He got in at 2:00 a.m. Friday and had to leave at 4:00 on Sunday morning for an annual conference in Vegas. We got to spend a lot of fun family time together on Saturday- but I'm telling you what- I'm ready for him to be home for good. I'm looking forward to a long weekend- more than you know.