For Memory's Sake

Just jotting a few things for memory's sake...

Holden is 4 months old. She's still as sweet and happy as ever. So easy going, never fusses, never cries unless she is hungry. She does this funny thing right before bed- regardless of when she's eaten last (could have been as recently as 5:00) she will eat again around 6:15, and not just a little, but a full feeding. It's like she knows she needs to double up before she sleeps for a long stretch, which is fine by me, if it means she will sleep longer.

Speaking of, she is doing so well with sleeping. Usually goes to bed around 7, then wakes up around 3 a.m. and again around 5 or 6 a.m. Usually she goes back to sleep at that time, but not today. Today she was in a wrestling mood. She wrestled her little pink and grey striped mouse like she was in the WWF.

And she LOVES sitting up. She always sits with her back so erect- I mean, she has perfect posture. She's enjoying the swing and the bumbo and seems to be happy that she can sit up and see what's going on. She holds on to things all the time- whether hair or blankets or Davis' cars.

I took her to the doctor on Friday for her 4 month check-up...the doctor said everything checked out fine. Her ears are clear, her neck has loosened up (she was favoring facing one way pretty significantly) and she is growing as she should be. She is in the 25th percentile for both length and weight, and a whopping 75th percentile for her head. I remember Davis' head was always in the 85th to 95th percentile, and you could tell...but I can't really tell with her. It seems proportional to me. Maybe I'm just used to big heads. Ha.

I asked the doctor about her rolling over. Holden spends so little time lying down because of the reflux, so she can roll to her side, but she hasn't spent enough time to start rolling all the way over. The doctor said not to worry about it. Reflux babies often learn to sit up long before they roll we'll see.
Some funny things Davis has said/been saying lately:

- "Mommy play one more time!" (which actually means, "play a little longer!")

- "I do" (for past, current and future tenses)

- "I need big ones!" (which actually means, "I want a lot of them...")

- "Daddy in Denber. Not ca-da-da-do." (after I explained that Bennett was in Denver, Colorado)

- "Dear God. Thank you for Max, for Colin, for trucks, for every-ding."

- "Dwankle Dwankle little star..." (I swear, this is what it sounds like- country twang)

Geez, I know there are more. I always forget them when I go to write them down.

Oh, one more thing, today when we were leaving school, I headed for the door and he made a distressed sound and said "Mommy! Have to get my lunchbox!" and he was right!