Last night I decided to go back and look at my blog posts from when Davis was the age Holden is now. I wanted to see what he was doing and what he looked like to see where they have similarities and differences. Can I first just say that doing this reminded me why I blog. I do love that my friends and family read my blog, but first and foremost, I do this for memories...

And I was thrilled to so easily be able to take a walk down memory lane and see exactly what Davis looked like and what he was up to at 4.5 months. There were some pictures where Davis looked a lot like Holden:

and then there were some where they looked different. Okay, not so different, but he looks more masculine while she is clearly more girly.

I read that Davis was almost 17 pounds at that age, while Holden is barely 12. Five pounds doesn't sound like a lot until you realize that it's almost 50% of their overall weight.

At 4 months, we had begun the unswaddling process with Davis and we are just now doing that with Holden. Last night was the first night and it went better than expected. She has been struggling and getting out of her swaddle, which wakes her up anyway, so we figured it was time. Luckily, because it was easier, she was able to get out of her swaddle and fall right back asleep with her arms out.

With Davis, I wrote a funny post about how much it bothered him to be unswaddled at that time. And I also noted here that he was waking up a lot wanting to eat and we were having to fight it and let him cry himself back to sleep. She doesn't really do that. She really only wakes up when it's been a while and she is hungry...and it's pretty easy to get her back to sleep.

I also noted that the doctor suggested we start Davis on real food at 4 months- to keep his caloric intake down. When I went to Holden's four month appointment- the doctor said there was no hurry. I'm actually kind of excited about giving her real food, though. Maybe she will spit up less? Here's hoping. She is ruining a lot of pretty outfits. Ha.

When Davis was four months, he was holding his own bottle and we started putting him in his little jungle exersaucer. Holden loves to be held, and loves to be fed, so while she puts her hands on the bottle, she shows no interest in actually doing the work of holding it. That's fine with me. It's so nice to rock and snuggle with her while she eats. I guess it's almost time to get the jungle out to see if she's ready for it.

She loves to be upright. She has amazing posture already. Davis rolled a ton, but was less focused on sitting up.

Anyway, it was so fun to compare and see the differences between the two of them. They have different temperaments. I mean, they are both very laid back, easy going little people, with sweet hearts...but they are also different. I love watching them grow up. I love seeing what they share in common and how they differ. I love them. Period. :)