Big Boy

Where has my baby boy gone? I find myself asking that question every day- sometimes more than once. His language, the way he comprehends things, the choices he makes...I didn't even know two year olds could do, think or be any of the things Davis does, thinks, or is. So two major updates, then a few funny Davisisms.

1) Davis is increasingly interested in going potty in his potty. He did it twice at home today and once at school. He is so proud of himself and we make such a big deal out of it each time. The coolest thing is that we haven't put any pressure on him- he just seems ready on his own. I love that.

2) Tonight I was explaining to Davis how binkies are for babies. Not big boys. And I went through the list of his friends that don't use binkies, and he would repeat what I was saying, like "Porter doesn't use a binky...Max doesn't use a binky..." so I could see he was thinking it through. He's clever though...right when I would think I had him, he would say something like "Children use binkies..." and I would have to say "No, BABIES use binkies. Not big boys." Then we would go back through the list of big boys that don't use binkies.

So I told him he could have a choice- he could have his binky- or he could put his binky away and then pick out a treat at target tomorrow. Talk about watching someone feel conflicted. Oh, he cried. And again, I wasn't taking it from him. I just told him he could choose. He would say "Davis put the binky away..." then walk over and put it on the shelf in the closet. Then he would fall to the floor, crying. So I would tell him he could have his binky- but no treat at Target. And he would get his binky again. I let it be. But then he would look at me and said "Treat from Target please..." (and his asking nicely voice is so cute) so I would again tell him he had a choice. You know the drill.

In the end- he walked over and put the binky away and my big boy is sleeping right now, for the first night, without it. We'll see how the rest of the night goes- but I feel like he's ready for all these things. It feels mainly good, but a little sad too.

Oh- can't forget- some funny Davisisms:

Davis to Bennett after school: "I happy," with a big smile...
Bennett to Davis: "What makes you happy?"
Davis to Bennett: "Daddy makes me happy..."

Me to Davis: "Do you want a little juice?"
Davis to Me: "I want big juice, mommy."

Davis to Nikki: "Mikki get a new house?"
Nikki to Davis: "Yep, Nikki is getting a new house..."
Davis to Nikki: "Tony work hard at Mikki's new house."