The Best Weekend Ever

We did so much fun stuff this weekend...and all of it was random, unplanned, and just enjoyable. The best thing was having Bennett home. It felt great to have three long days for The Bennett 4.

We: had Corky and B over for dinner. We partied all day at the Dezendorfs on Sunday, playing in the water, eating BBQ and drinking peach panty droppers. I love how much fun it is to get together with our friends. It's total chaos. I swear, Davis thinks Erik, Greer, Zach and B are just as much his friends as they are his dad's. Ha. Anyway...we took naps. We played in bed. We exercised. We JOINED THE YMCA.

I'm ridiculously excited. It's definitely the nicest Y I've ever seen- it was recently redone by a great design firm in town. I asked Davis last night what his favorite part of the very fun weekend was and he said "I had fun at the YMCA." And all we did was take a tour. His socks are going to be blown off when he actually gets to play there.

Here are some pictures:

So sweet! 

Playing in Holden's bed is Davis' new thing.

As is holding her. 

Holden's new thing is sitting up. With a little help...

This new view is so amazing!

She is so teeny tiny.

Davis did some reading in her bed and set up a little audience.

Corky got Holden and Mary Mae matching suits. Have you seen anything cuter?

So sweet, they look edible. Like little candies.

This is what it looks like when we all get together- chaos. Dudes holding other people's babies. Boys fighting over car seats. It's the best time.

More hugging. Or wrestling. Not sure.

He fell asleep at 5:30 that day. It was a fun one.