Davis has loved his little bla bla dog since he was tiny. He sleeps with it every night and has lovingly referred to him as "Doggie" (said "Doagie" like Hoagie) for the last two and a half years. The other day, I asked Davis what his doggie's name was. He paused, looked at me and said "BEANO!" and has called him Beano ever since. Of course, this really cracks Bennett and I up.

This shot was taken the other night while we were out running errands before the weekend getaway. Nothing makes you feel like a good mom more than taking your barefoot two year old into a liquor store to get Skinny Girl Margaritas. Classy.

Also, this is what was happening while I was gone Saturday. Two little boys, two baby girls, and five dudes, holding down the fort. I love how Porter and Davis are just hanging out, like they are just another two of the guys.