Week of the Young Child

It's Week of the Young Child at Child's Day and basically that means they are having a week-long celebration with activities and events like painting extravaganzas, petting zoos, water world, a Joe McDermott concert and pajama day.

Yesterday was petting zoo day and parents were invited, so Bennett and I went with Davis. All the kids were so pleased that their parents were there- some were excited about the animals in the pettting zoo- and some were not. Davis enjoyed it, but certainly got overwhelmed when approached by a chinchilla while holding two chickens. It was pretty funny to watch. Here are some pictures.

 This is the house they painted the day before- though I felt like they all had more paint on their bodies than the house itself. Davis' hair was matted with orange paint- and his back looked bruised- it was so purple and blue!

This is a 7 foot tall tire tree. Logan said Davis just mastered it this week. I was like "Umm, Logan, is it okay that he is climbing this?" Ha.

 King of the tire tree!

Just hanging out with his buddy, Noah.

I love Davis' school. I'm already starting to feel sad that he will be changing classes and teachers this August. He is being scooted up a bit with some of the older kids- so I think only 1-2 kids in his current class will be his classmate when he becomes a Robin. :(

Maybe Mr. Kevin will be his teacher again- or Logan. I asked him which of his friends was the nicest the other day and he said "LOGAN!"