Thank God For Home Depot.
Today Bennett took Davis to the kids workshop at Home Depot. Which is such brilliant marketing, by the way. We can't go near the Home Depot without Davis begging us to stop. Anyway, they made an adorable red and purple bird feeder and Davis came home with a tiny Home Depot apron. About the cutest thing ever.

I worked out with Stacey and Ahmad and then snuggled with Holden while the boys had their manly adventures at Home Depot and Academy. Bennett said that when Davis was leaving Academy he said "Bye Cademy. Love you Cademy." Guess he really had a good time.

So the workshop was great- but these pictures will show you why we're really thankful for Home Depot today.

I filled the bucket so Davis and his neighbor buddy, Gavin, could splash water on each other or float boats in it, or, I don't know...but after five minutes, Davis climbed in in his shorts. And I guess birds of a feather really do flock together because next thing you know, we had to find, and fill, another Home Depot bucket for Gavin.

Imagine driving down the street, minding your own business, and seeing this scene out of the corner of your eye...

Don't mind us. Just cooling our heels in our own little slice of paradise.

Thank God for Home Depot. Seriously. Those boys played in those buckets for at least an hour.

Simple things. Such joy. If we could all only be so happy with just a Home Depot bucket, some water, and a friend.

Oh and if you wonder what Holden has been up to- well she slept through most of the bucket shenanigans today- but here she is making out with her mouse! So forward, kids these days.