Stock Show & Rodeo

We had a great time at the stock show and rodeo last Saturday. Davis wasn't really so into the animals- but would have spent all day climbing on the tractors if we would have let him- especially the John Deere tractors.

And here's an update on me:
- Had bronchitis and the flu last week. UGH.

- Headed back to work tomorrow- feels like the first day of school. Exciting and dreadful all at the same time.

- Our new nanny, Jennifer, starts tomorrow. Feel good about that.

- Today a piece of granite fell on my toe- took my whole toe nail straight off- like in a perfect nail shape. I almost passed out and it damn near severered my toe. Zoinks. Davis keeps saying "You got your Tony-nail cut off. You okay mommy? Hurt so bad?"

- Enjoying the beautiful weather, but also stressed about this summer. Good Lord. We played outside in the yard and washed cars yesterday and it was SO HOT.

More later. Hope you all had a good weekend.